How to Search For Marriage Records

Marriage records are public documents that contain information about people who have gotten married, including their full names, and date and place of their wedding ceremony. Other details that may be found are the birthplaces of the bride and groom, their addresses, names of their parents, names of witnesses, and previous marriage status.

Why do people need marriage records? One is to provide proof of marriage. Whether it’s for applying for a joint bank account, buying a property, or signing their children’s documents, marriage records are the best evidence that you and your spouse are indeed husband and wife.

Another reason to search marriage records is for a background check on a possible partner. If you’re dating someone who has been previously married, you may want to conduct a quick check on the person’s background. The details that you may find in marriage records can give valuable insights into the future of your relationship, and whether or not it is worth pursuing.

Some people track marriage records to determine the marital status of their relatives or friends. It may not be that easy to approach someone and ask directly, “Are you still married?” Whether it’s for planning a family reunion or any other social gathering, or for studying about a person’s life for a biography you’re writing, checking marriage records can give you the information you need.

The good news is marriage records are easily accessible. They’re organized in such a way that retrieving the documents doesn’t take too much time. There are also backups in case of losses so you can be assured that even if the marriage started 20 years ago, you can still find a copy of that record.

Some websites provide the professional service of retrieving marriage records and furnishing you with a copy. Most people see this as the more convenient route, as it can save you both time and energy. Many of the sites offer the service for free; however, those that present speedy and more accurate results usually charge a minimal fee.

It’s also possible to get marriage records from local county offices or state offices. To ease your search, go to the state’s official website and input the name of the bride and groom. By visiting this webpage, you can also access other vital public records like birth certificates and death registrations.

The best thing about accessing marriage records online is that you no longer have to travel to the state where the marriage took place just to get a copy of the marriage certificate. In fact, you can complete your search in the comfort of your own home.

But if using the Internet is not your expertise and you’d rather do it the traditional way, visit the county court and file your request for the records that you need. Fill out a form and pay the required fee. After a few days, you will be furnished with the copy that you requested.

People search for marriage records for various reasons. It can be for tracking down the marital status of family or friends, for probing into a lover’s previous relationships, or for studying another person’s life. Whatever it is, there are many fast and easy ways to obtain these records, the most convenient of which is by going online.

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