Top Benefits of Genealogy

Many people don’t realize how important it is to preserve one’s family history. But the truth is, to live well in the present and to plan the future right, it pays to know about your past. Genealogy, which refers to the study of family roots, involves getting to know more about your ancestors through public vital records, oral traditions, genetic studies, and family tree charts, among others.

What are the benefits of learning more about your family?

Shape one’s identity

To discover your roots is to know more about yourself. It’s natural for people to feel lost or confused if they have no idea where they came from. If you want to strengthen your identity and gain a better understanding of yourself, start by learning about your heritage.

Appreciate history

History may seem like a boring subject. But what if you’re learning about your grandfather who fought in a prehistoric war or you find out that your great great grandmother was among those rescued from an infamous tragedy? It’s a lot easier to get engaged and interested in learning history when it involves people you are actually connected to. If that’s the case, history won’t seem like fiction or feel like a chore you need to get done.

Preserve memories

You don’t have to be a sentimental person to realize how important it is to preserve memories for the future generation. Younger members of the family have the right to know about their roots and it’s only through genealogy and the preservation of the family lineage that this can be accomplished.

Foster connections

Tracing family roots is a great opportunity to reconnect with relatives. Whether you have not seen each other for a long time, or maybe not met at all before, genealogy gives you a chance to foster connections with them. Ultimately, it helps build stronger family ties, even with long-lost relatives.

Identify health risks

Finally, your health can benefit from genealogy, as this can provide valuable insights into your genetic history. If your family has history of a certain illness that can be passed down, then you have time to take the necessary precautions to lower your risk.

Genealogy is a powerful tool that connects you to your family, your ancestors and to history.

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