Divorce Records

Dating Someone Who Has Been Divorced

Going through divorce is never easy. Jumping back into the dating game and finding new love can be almost as difficult. It can be tough not only for the person whose marriage ended but also for the other party. While there’s nothing wrong about dating someone who has been divorced, it is important to consider various factors before getting seriously involved. Here are a few things to ponder about.

Is the divorce final?

Many couples go through the initial stages of a divorce but fail to finalize it. So if he tells you he’s divorced, it would be best to confirm it yourself by checking the person’s divorce records. Divorce records are public documents that can easily be accessed online. These are sufficient proof that your date is indeed divorced.

What was the cause of the divorce?

You’d think it’s none of your business but what ended his previous marriage can factor in the future of your relationship. If you’re not comfortable asking because the two of you just started dating, but you’re curious and you want to do a little background check, divorce records can come in handy. These documents contain pertinent details, including the cause of the divorce, which may affect your decision on whether to pursue or stop the relationship early on. For example, if you find out that domestic violence was the reason for the divorce, then you can already imagine where your relationship with this person could be heading.

How are things with his ex and children?

Someone who has been divorced comes with excess baggage, often an ex-spouse and children. Be ready to deal with this if you’re going to continue dating. Some couples still keep in touch even after the divorce because of their children. And you should be able to handle and accept that should you decide to keep seeing this person. You also have to learn to get along with his children in case you end up taking your relationship to the next level. Plus, how he treats his ex-wife and children can say a lot about how good your relationship, and eventually your marriage, is going to be. But if he abandoned his kids or badmouths his ex all the time, there’s a good chance that he will do the same to you in the future.

Divorce records can be useful for dating people who have been divorced. Find out early on if there’s any reason for you to think twice about seeing this person again.

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