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In today’s society it is extremely important to carry out a thorough criminal history search. A criminal history check will uncover any criminal history. Respectable and honest individuals have nothing to fear from any of these checks. If you as an employer are about to recruit a new employee then such checks can be invaluable. Employers who need an up to date check that is accurate should do a nationwide criminal history search in conjunction with a state search.

Criminal background checks can be carried out on numerous websites. The results come through in no time and each check costs between thirty and forty dollars. A nationwide check can be carried out within forty eight hours and the results can be emailed directly to you. The FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation)hold the criminal records of sex offenders. If you need such information go directly to the web site and request a Criminal history Check pack.

Naturally you need certain information in order to attain a criminal history check. You will have to state the persons full name, this is their legal name and any addition i.e Sr or Jr. It will also be necessary to add the persons full postal address, their social security number, State driving license and date of birth. Most people ask for a release form that entitles you to go ahead with the criminal records search.

If the person in question has committed any crimes that were carried out when they were aged eighteen or over they will show on the search, arrest records will have been made. However, if the person offended before the age of eighteen nothing will show. The Federal judge is the only person privy to juvenile records.

Employers who carry out a criminal background search are far less likely to come unstuck. These searches are not overly expensive and they could save a lot of money in the long term. If a person has been convicted of numerous thefts then it could be a great risk letting him/her work in your office or home. Those who have committed heinous crimes such as murder or rape could present a danger to others and as such you may not want them working alongside other workers or family members.

Top Uses of Criminal Background Check

More and more employers are turning to criminal background checks to ensure the quality of their workforce. With rampant cases of resume falsification, workplace violence and breach of corporate security, many employers now find it necessary to investigate a person’s criminal history before letting him or her join the company.

Criminal records contain information about an individual’s criminal history. These documents may include convictions, traffic violations, and cases in which the person has been found guilty or has pleaded guilty.

Access to such documents enables an employer to screen an applicant thoroughly and evaluate his or her credibility and integrity. This is also one way of verifying information presented on a candidate’s resume and identifying anyone with a tainted background.

Similarly, employees can benefit from criminal background checks as they’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re working with people who are not only honest but also free from any past criminal charges.

Apart from providing assistance and assurance in the corporate world, there are many other benefits to checking criminal records. Here are some of them:

Criminal records can help landlords and real estate companies evaluate renters and buyers so they can stay away from people who have been charged with fraud or other criminal offenses. Current charges from default payments of outstanding rent or home loans can show up in criminal records.

Youth organizations can also benefit from the use of criminal background checks. Since they rely heavily on volunteer work to carry out their projects, they attract sex offenders who are out to take advantage of young people. Organizations can help safeguard their young members by screening volunteers carefully with the use of criminal background checks, which can help confirm that a person does not have a sex offender’s listing. It therefore enables them to steer clear of anyone who has had a bad record in the past, whether it’s a sex-related charge or a heinous crime.
Those who are into online dating services can also find practical use for criminal records. The Internet has made it possible for people to communicate with anyone from any part of the globe. And online dating services are all the rage these days. It’s not really safe to put yourself out there and get involved with people who are total strangers. Checking a potential partner’s criminal background can help keep anyone safe.

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